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About the Artists
Tom & Margo

Tom Rudd and Margo McCafferty make art in a small town on the Keweenaw peninsula in northern Michigan. A sculptor and a painter respectively, Tom and Margo create work informed by their wooded surroundings with frequent reference to the omnipresent environmental crisis, especially as it relates to the quality of water.
Besides their individual works, the two artists have found collaboration rewarding. They work together to create color reduction relief prints, a process which makes use of each of their areas of expertise (Tom's carving, Margo's drawing). The resulting prints have been exhibited and collected internationally.

The works that you see on these pages are but a fraction of the artwork produced by these two over the past 40 years. They continue to make art which is the main reason why this site has taken so long to jell, since the site has a lower priority than the art making, and will always be that way. We will from time to time add and delete artworks as we see fit and as time allows. We will also make changes to the comments on the the pages. As it is most of the narrative on the art pages was done by our daughter Ursula Vernon >http/<. Many of the comments are witty, some are right on the mark but alas a few are from the same fauvistic fantasy that will always bemuse the Ursula and have very little to do with intent of our work. Needless to say the latter will be changed first so continue to check back for amazing additions and other stuff.


After a couple of lives which involved growing up in north western Pennsylvania, a few years in the U.S. Coast Guard, and a lackluster career in the grain business Tom decided to follow his muse and study art. From that point in 1970 till now Rudd has been in the art world, always making art but receiving money for teaching and as an arts administrator.

Tom's teaching, visiting artist, and artist residencies took him through reform schools, prisons and some pretty outstanding colleges and universities across the U.S.

As an arts administrator Tom facilitated a state program for support to individual artists, directed projects for an public art program and was visual arts coordinator for yet another state arts commission. He has always been an artists advocate but has remained on track as a working artist through all these periods by producing, placing and showing art in museums, art centers, galleries and private collections throughout the world.

Margo McCafferty
Petite Bio

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Margo received a degree in political science before deciding that art was her vocation. After earning her MFA in painting and drawing she settled in to the reality of teaching. Her teaching experience includes English in Japan, painting, drawing, design and printmaking for colleges and universities. Other jobs (past and present) include arts administration on the state level, writing art reviews, making and showing art, homeschooling and mothering.

Margo's work is shown and collected on both coasts and the center of the country

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